Root and ACL's


I have two questions.

1st) Is there anyway to get a root type account that is below all other accounts? That way you could see all other users folders, etc?

2nd) On the Wiki I saw something about the possibility of file access ACL’s being implemented, and that I should head here to vote. I did a search and didn’t turn up any hits. Has this been implemented. Can it be enabled on an account by account basis?
Edit: I see that there are Unix groups, but I need the users to be able to access the shared files/dir’s via FTP. The wiki article about Unix Groups seemed to say that couldn’t be the case.

  1. Root goes on top, and you don’t get anything like “root” over your group of users. By default, all of your users are in the same group, so if you have Enhanced Security turned off for each group, you have limited visibility into all the users’ directories. Then again, so do all of them.

  2. I don’t see a suggestion submitted when I search for “ACL” here:

The UNIX Groups can give you something similar to Root access if you make each user their own group and add your root user to each group, then make everything group read/write. Root will need to use SFTP to get around, which many FTP clients can do. In fact, it’s much more secure to set your FTP clients to use SFTP. Just make sure you have SSH turned on for each user.



If the users are SSH enabled and are in the same group you can traverse via symlinks.

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