Rookie here

Hi everyone… I’m brand new at this so I’m trying to learn as I go (using YouTube and Google for help).

I can’t figure out how to set up WordPress. I did the One-Cick Installation, and received an e-mail to create an admin user, but the link redirects me to my URL parked on GoDaddy. Does anyone know how I can set up a WordPress Admin area from here? I’m sure there’s a link somewhere that can walk me through this…

Thanks for the help!

Log in to godaddy and change the nameservers to

You don’t get instant joy when making that change, it will take about 24 hours to be published around the world. (technical term: DNS propagation)

There are other ways of setting up a new install before changing DNS over, but honestly if the domains are just parked at godaddy and not live at godaddy the simplest thing to do is just change the nameservers. Why add a level of complication when you don’t need it.

However if your interested in making it more difficult, here’s how you do it:

OK, thank you! I did that… Is there anything else I’ll need to do once it it transferred?

Once the nameserver change goes thru then the link that was emailed to you will work. Just continue where you left off.

HINT: When you check back on your site browsers like to cache those parking page re-direct pretty intensely sometimes. Use Ctrl-F5 to force a server refresh each time you check.