RMagick Gem Install

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I’ve been attempting to install the RMagick gem.

Here is my process and results:

I type:

gem install rmagick --install-dir=/home/(name)/gems

And get:

Attempting local installation of 'rmagick’
Local gem file not found: rmagick*.gem
Attempting remote installation of ‘rmagick’
Building native extensions. This could take a while…
configure: WARNING: you should use --build, --host, --target
configure: WARNING: you should use --build, --host, --target
configure: error: unrecognized option: --install-dir=/home/(name)/gems
Try `configure --help’ for more information.
ERROR: While executing gem … (RuntimeError)
ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension.
Gem files will remain installed in /home/(name)/gems/gems/rmagick-1.9.3 for inspection.
ruby configure install rmagick --install-dir=/home/(name)/gems\n

Results logged to /home/.callipitter/(name)/gems/gems/rmagick-1.9.3/gem_make.out

I then navigate to the directory:

cd gems/gems/rmagick-1.9.3

And type:

ruby configure install rmagick

And get:

configure: WARNING: you should use --build, --host, --target
configure: WARNING: you should use --build, --host, --target
Configuring RMagick 1.9.3
checking for install-gcc… no
checking for gcc… gcc
checking for C compiler default output file name… a.out
checking whether the C compiler works… yes
checking whether we are cross compiling… no
checking for suffix of executables…
checking for suffix of object files… o
checking whether we are using the GNU C compiler… yes
checking whether gcc accepts -g… yes
checking for gcc option to accept ANSI C… none needed
checking for ruby… /usr/bin/ruby
checking for Magick-config… no
checking for GraphicsMagick-config… no
configure: error: Can’t install RMagick. Can’t find Magick-config or GraphicsMagick-config program.

I’ve tried to install the other Magick programs, but they prove to be more troublesome than even this. Anybody have a good resource or tutorial to get this install working?

And even though dreamhost claims RMagick is installed, it’s not in the gem list.


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I am experiencing the same issues on scipio (which also claims to be running sarge)… RMagick is very important to the usability of my app (it will work without it but many annoyances occur)… So any response would be greatly appreciated.


That’s your problem. you’re correct that you have to specify the install direcotry, so it’s writing to your home directory and not some other folder you don’t have permissions for. But the configure script doesn’t understand your “–install-dir” As sigguested you should see what “configure --help” says, perhaps you can figure out what command you should be using to specify installation directory.

The seconed part of your installscript may work once you get the first one working. I’m guessing it needs to exit without errors, to provide the proper info for the seconed part.

Also if DH claims that they have this gem allready installed, it might be you can contact support and point out to them that it’s not working, and they’ll install it for you.



I askes this question to DH support. This is their answer:

RMagick is installed and available, just not as a gem. It’s a standard ruby library instead.

I guess this solves our worries.