Ripping my hair out!


I’ll be honest, I feel really frustrated and just plain dumb because I can’t even seem to get my website to show up after doing a OCI for wordpress!

I am really new and thought I could somewhat decipher all of this and my head is about to explode…

This is my domain:

I used to have a subscription with where my blog was hosted and I didn’t have to do html, php, MySQL anything… it was very easy.
My subscription w/ ended in February (note, I could not transfer any files once my subscription ended) and I had the domain transferred to GoDaddy and registered for a fully hosted account w/ DreamHost and yes… the dns settings are pointed to,,
I did the advanced OCI for wordpress and the installation was successful, verified w/ an email and registration from WordPress, I can see that when I log into Filezilla, the WP files are on the server, yet when I type in my url, I always get “server not found”.

I apologize for the long posting, but I wanted to be as detailed as possible in order to get help and resolve this issue. I am 99% sure it is something easy to fix and that as a beginner… well, it’s all Greek to me.

Thanks in advance.


I’m not sure how long ago you changed the nameservers to etc… more than likely you are waiting for DNS propagation however which generally takes 12-24 hours, but can take up to 3 days for every nameserver worldwide.

WHen i click your link above I get a new wordpress installation, so it may just be a matter of waiting. it may help (or not) to flush your local DNS cache.


Thanks for replying.
I just re-installed the OCI of wordpress, I had deleted the files on the server and the database and installed the WP software again to see if that would do the trick, and unfortunately it didn’t. But I had taken care of the dns well over a week ago…


I see the generic ‘Hello World’ WordPress install, so you are up and running. Now you need to import your old content.


Since two of us can reach your generic site, it seems that for some reason you are having DNS issues. Three things you can try are the DNS flush above, the other is to navigate to Manage Domains in the panel, and click the DNS link under the domain, then on the next page there is a button to force a refresh. and last try clearing your browser cache.

Lastly are you sure your local system is malware free? Malware can mess with your local DNS cache.


I see that I can pull my website up via Safari, but for some reason Firefox won’t allow it- it still gives me “can’t find the server” error message.
I’m going to try to figure it out.
Thanks for the help!


Looks fine to me too. It’s likely DNS propagation time + browser caching. Try control-F5 or restart your browser.