Right click protection?

How do I keep folks from saving pics from my site ? Is there a way to create a custom message when they right click ? Like “Nice try bud” . Thanks for your help

PS the images are located in a Miva store if this matters.


yes, you can add right click protection via javascript/dhtml but what good would it do really? all you have todo is, for example in IE, goto View -> Source and find the img src your are looking for. but, if you want a right click protection try the following url. good luck.

url: dynamicdrive “right click” search query

Monk’s right… Trying to protect images on your site through direct technical means isn’t really worth it unless you use a fairly expensive proprietary piece of software that’s made for that purpose. And that kind of tactic, IMO, is only worth it for people like professional photographers or stock image services… and I don’t recall ever seeing a photographer’s site that used it. I’ve seen the technology advertised on websites, but I’ve never seen it in place, and can’t even vouch for its effectiveness.

In general, a determined image grabber will always be able to download your images.

My question would be what sort of images are you trying to keep people from downloading, and what are you trying to stop them from doing with them? Are you trying to keep people from using the images on their sites? Or are you trying to keep complete copyright and reproduction control?

One option for restricting Web use is watermarking… You can invisibly watermark an image and then use a paid service to crawl the Web looking for unauthorized copies. Take a look at:


Best of luck!


Bob & Monk,

I hear both you guys, if they want it, they get it. I am using quite a bit of bandwidth from guys posting individual pieces of art from my store on several forums. Also to gain copyright and reproduction control. I sell vinyl decals in a e-commerce site. I will look into watermarking. I have around 30 pieces that i care about. But the bandwidth thing sucks !!! Oh well thanks for your advice.



So you’re talking about people linking to your images…

A no-right-click thingy wouldn’t help you anyway; they’re not downloading the images and then hosting them from their servers.

I vaguely seem to recall someone talking about a CGI that allows you to serve your images through it to folks looking at your site, but yields a “This site attempted to steal this image from x” message when invoked from another server. This would mean that you would serve all protected images through the CGI, and you would need to change the location of the image directory and probably encode the image name/location in the input that calls the CGI.

Sorry, but I can’t remember where I saw that CGI mentioned.

Alternately, you might just send an email to the perps and ask them to stop. If they don’t, just send a complaint to their ISPs/hosts. What they’re doing is a violation of copyright law, and services are generally quick to smack users who do that these days.


If you want to stop people from linking to images on your server, you can use a number of freely available CGI programs, available at:


What these scripts does it to check the HTTP_REFERRER variable sent with your browser and if the referrer has not come from within your site, then the script will refuse to display the image. If the request has come from within your site, the image will be display and the user none the wiser.

You can even program the script to display a different image to different hosts, if you really want to play around with these bandwidth “leechers”.


put your photos in an embedded .swf (flash) file. still anyone who really wants them can always just take a screen grab.

build + destroy

You guys are starting to lose me. These images are located in a MIVA store. So how do you embed images in a .swf and still link them to the store ? That sound like the easiest solution if it’s possible. I think i got my bandwidth stealers off my pics. Moderators are helping me out, but still would like to control there use as much as possible.

You should have clarified that you wanted to prevent people from stealing your bandwidth, since your original question sounded like you just wanted people from saving your images (for a person like me, my reaction to that would be “tough luck!”). That said, there are decent solutions using scripts to detect the REFERER of the image and deny requests referred from other servers, as others have explained here already.

A much more primitive and pain in the glass solution was change filenames of images I suspected were being referred to from other servers, and often times the culprit had no clue what bandwidth theft was or that there was a problem with it.


In reality there is no SURE FIRE way to stop folks from taking or linking to your images,
but there are a few ways to discourage image hijacking.

One of my favorites is to just be sneaky. Of the sneakies one I like is to have
two DIV’s positioned to the same location but having different z-indexes.
The lower z-index DIV has your image of desire, while the upper z-index DIV has
a transparent pixel sized to occupy the same amount of space as the “protected” image.

The hijacker saves this image named “034563.gif” or some such thing (to keep being sneaky) and
not give away the sneaky with something obvious like “pixel.gif”

By just quietly frustrating the thief, in most cases they’ll just scratch their head and go away.

One could get more elaborate in their image protection with either javascript or server side
CGI , but in most cases a nice simple sneaky is all thats really needed to discourage
the average hijacker. with the more advanced hijacker being not worth the effort, as
if nothing else they could just press their [print screen] button to
copy an image of the screen to the clipboard and use their image editor to crop out the
"protected" image.