This is friggen ridiculous. I have never had so many hosting problems in my life. I simply cannot believe the lag, the crashes, the database servers locking up… it’s just unbelievable. I heard good things about DH, but now I don’t think I would recommend them to anybody. Am I the only one having a site issue every single day? If not, what web/db servers are you on? I am making a request to be moved onto another server and I’m wondering what the stable servers are. Thanks.

I’m on hops… database on snowball. '3 hours of downtime in the last quarter as they upgraded snowball’s hardware.

Nothing besides that as far as downtime. (In the last 12 months or so). Previous to that I had one weekend-long downtime snafu due to a raid failure on dreamhost’s side. 'Very long downtime due to paranoia on their end making sure they didn’t lose data.


yeah, welcome to the dreamhost shared hosting :-/ I only got an unloadable page this morning and just now at 6:20pm. Thank god at least that the db didn’t go down. Consider this normal…

I am feeling the same way. Continuous problems with mysql connect. Can’t understand why they can’t get it right. they should probably consider changing their name to nightmarehost

I’ve run into a few problems over the past few days just because they were upgrading the OS on their servers – so everything was down for a few hours, and there’ve been lots of little wrinkles to iron out. This was rather off-putting (since I’d just signed up!) but I’m withholding judgement for now… I’ll see how the server gets by when massive changes aren’t in process.

You might have fallen victim to the same upgrade…

No your not the only one I have had a lot of problems with the server off and on the past few months. I hate waking up to my sites being down. Or MYSQL. I’m going to go with a dedicated server when they finish adding on to their building.

I’ve been getting this problem. MySQL has been down for several minutes on several occasions over the last few days. Total downtime has not been very significant to date, but it is enough for me to start rewriting old code to take it into account.

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Once again all my sites are down. Ugh… What gives guys?

yea my site is down now too. also my mysql database was down yesterday. hard to run a business when the site is always crashing

Ridiculous ?? That’s a soft word !!!

How the hell do you apply for your money back ? I’m sick of this. I had enough !

dlgsoft, I’m almost to that point myself. Even my cron jobs aren’t working correctly now, and what is p***ing me off the most is that all my support requests are being ignored. My site goes down, I send a request -> ignored. My cron jobs don’t work, sent request (1 1/2 days ago) -> ignored. etc etc. If I do not receive stable hosting soon I’ll be gone as well. Good thing I’m in the 97 day trial still. At least I will not have wasted money (directly. loses due to site being down is another story) on top of my time with this horrible host.

Do you know what to do to apply for my money back ? I need a new host today… losing a customer just because of this :frowning:

Cheap is always expensive… This is being a nightmare.

I guess only the pissed off people are posting…

I"ve had DH for well over a year with no problems that I can complain about. Maybe some feature complaints, but that’s not what this thread is concerned with.

My web server is gotcha, mail is on sack.
MySQL is on a handful, but my most active databasses are on azrael and krakatoa.

Ofcourse I’d have higher performance with a dedicated server, but I’ve never experienced shared hosting as good as this has been. (I can remember only one outage when a massive DOS attack took down atleast one of thier main routers.)

lucky one !

i’m on down… errr… i mean sunset… and it looks like they didn’t upgrade that old 486 machine !

This is pure speculation without anything to back it up, but…

I am on the Strictly Business plan, maybe an unpublished QoS system exists for the different hosting levels.

u are maybe more than right…

Tracert resolves to basic-rank.sunset.dreamhost.com… can u post yours ? I’m just curious. This is CDI plan.

12 99 ms 53 ms 53 ms ge1-L3.dreamhost.com []
13 55 ms 56 ms 54 ms basic-argon.gotcha.dreamhost.com []

those are my last two hops. looks to me like “rank” and “argon” the NAS servers the files are actually on. (I remember seeing argon mentioned somewhere in my panel as one of my servers.)

[quote]I’m going to go with a dedicated server


With such little hard facts as to the causes of these problems, what’s to suggest going to a dedicated server will evade them?

[quote]sent request (1 1/2 days ago) -> ignored.


That doesn’t mean ignored. Sometimes I find it takes a few days to respond but only on two occasions ever have Support ignored a request of mine.

[quote]maybe an unpublished QoS system exists for the different hosting levels


The telltale would be the server names. What’s yours?

C.f. My Crazy Domain Insane servers: crack and murdock.