What does the following mean? It says pending rewards? And the bottom statement says Ooops…what does that statement mean? I am confused.

You currently have $-19.90 of Rewards payments built up!

You also have $95.70 of pending Rewards payments (less than 91 days old).

On your next hosting account rebill date, your balance will first come out of your unallocated rewards! If you want, you can allocate your rewards right now using this form!

Oops! You currently have no unallocated Rewards to allocate.
Please return when you do!

Hey freebyrd,

That’s an artifact of our recent policy change last month that rewards are “pending” for the first 91 days after you get them, and during that time they can’t be allocated or cashed out. (If you have over 5 referrals you’re “platinum” though and this doesn’t apply).

You’ve got a negative balance because you’ve already allocated/cashed out some rewards that would be pending under the new system (i.e. you cashed them out less than 91 days ago, back before the new waiting period went into effect).

Anyway, bottom line don’t worry about it… within a month or two it’ll all be straightened out and won’t happen again! :slight_smile:


Funny, I don’t remember seeing any notification about that. Was it not communicated to the account owners?

I just went back in the announcements archive, all the way to 27 Jan 2004, but found only stuff about downtime, DDOS, and viruses. In the monthly newsletters, the only mention of “policy” refers to PHP-CGI (Jan 2004) and spam (Oct 2003).

I would have thought that a policy change that has a direct cash impact on account owners would be announced, but perhaps I am wrong…


I think he was talking about this -

Thanks, that must be it.


Does it also take a while for referral payments to show up as pending? I’m asking because I referred a friend under the new $65 referral scheme about a week ago, and she shows up in my referral list, but I don’t have any new payments pending yet.

Well with the 91 day money back thing. It would mean if he didn’t commit to a contract you would have to wait 91 days to get the cash.

I am assuming it not only means that you have to wait 91 days to get the cash, but also to allocate any rewards towards monthly payments.

I do have over 5 referrals, so I think that means I fall under “platinum.” I only initially asked, because I was planning on buying some add-ons with my rewards and then noticed it says I have none to allocate.