Rewards - Web ID

I’ve been looking at some of the reward links in the form of r.cgi?[variable] and I’ve seen that some of are just numbers (I’m assuming customer number) and others are what I’m assuming are Web IDs. Right now my referral link is of the number type; can I change it to my Web ID?

As a side note, I wasn’t able to choose the name of my Web ID when I signed up (it’s just a combination of my first and last name), but I’ve seen Web IDs that were obviously chosen.

Also, this leads me onto the signup process. On the signup page you’re asked to choose a username for the first FTP (and email) user. As I understand it, usernames must be unique to the server they’re on, so does that mean a server is randomly chosen as soon as you view the signup page?

You can and it will probably still work OK, for now, but WEBIDs are being deprecated by DreamHost. They are being replaced by the user numbers you mentioned. I would recommend you use the numbers, it will be more ‘future proof’.

Before WEBIDs were deprecated, new users could choose their own WEBID when signing up. However, these days the WEBID is automatically created by the DreamHost system.

Now that I think about it, you must be correct. Otherwise the sign-up script couldn’t check that the username is unique.


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