Rewards: ReportaGlitch

Site of the Month and all that is cool. How about ReportaGlitch?

Find a mistake and get some freebies!

Examples might be to find a grammatical error¹ on or a reproducible glitch² in the discussion board and receive a month’s free hosting to the value of the package you were on the previous month. Find an error in the web code on any DreamHost publicly accessible page and get 12 months shared and a t-shirt. Find an exploitable in the DH Panel and get a couple of years VPS 300MB with 1G DreamObjects - and a coffee mug!

¹ Taking into account that “American” English is considered English³
² For example, this kinda thing.
³ Well, at least until circa 2030. When China take control.

And to do it, expose your issue tracker to the public.

I can’t even count how many times I’ve had to complain about broken things through support, here, and other channels before those things were fixed. Once should be enough, end of story. But it never happens. And don’t bother reporting a flaw or fault to Support. Even if they say they’ll pass it on to the devs, they obviously never do because things that would take, literally, 30 seconds to fix never get done.

We actually do, bobocat. A lot of times, where it takes 30 seconds to fix on one server, it’s a lot more complicated to fix for everyone, and we have to make sure it doesn’t break everything else. Imagine how much more ticked you’d be if, say, we implemented one of those quick fixes across the board, and your site broke while most everyone else’s was fine? We try to avoid that, and sadly it means moving slower than we want :frowning:

I’m not talking about anything on a server.

I’m talking about, for example, links in the panel to features which have long since stopped working. I reported it not working to Support and was told, ‘um, yeah, that doesn’t work anymore’. I recommended to Support to take it down then (see my support history). Several months later, still there. So I started to raise noise here (some examples here and here along with tickets #4632145 and #46195499).

I’m talking about, for example, blatant and embarrassing errors on public-facing web pages (see ticket #67164283).

I’m talking about things which are obviously broke and have a clear fix, so clear that even I could fix it.

So, pray tell, where is this publicly available issue tracker of which you speak?

Ah, sorry I didn’t mean to imply we had a public tracker. We have our internal one.