Rewards question

DH panel writes:

Now you can retroactively refer people to DreamHost! …
This way you can tell people about us and not have to
feel cheesy about asking them to list you as their
referrer when they sign up!

but doesn’t this lose the reward for their sign-up payment, given

you’ll get credit for them (starting with their next payment,
not from when they signed up).


No, they go back to the customers first payment.

Even though “…starting with their next payment…” says otherwise?

ah, yes, that part I did not read. You are so correct!!! Maybe instead of telling your customers go to, put the referral link on your site and say, just go to my site, there is a link to them there! That way you can avoid this. Plus, i have had customers go to dreamhost, get on the forum, click on someones name and the reward went to the other person.

Thanks for this major clarification chris, I think i need to rethink how I tell my clients about dreamhost now. I think I need to make a link on my home page. Especially when I try to get my clients to sign up for the two year packages.


I set up a subdomain that gets redirected (back when I was promoting dreamhost, Ive stopped untill their problems calm down a little).

for example: redirects to dreamhost with my referral info. It also helps when including that link in various postings/forums since it is less obvious as a referral link then the longer:


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Hi Jason

How exactly did you set that up? The redirect.

This seems like the best/easiest solution. I think that rewards.cgi might be a dead giveaway…lol

Also, do you know if that will overwrite someone elses cookie information, in case my customer did click on another DH user’s name, and set their rewards info?


Add Domain
A redirect to another site
then type in your rewards link.

I dont know how dreamhost handles multiple referalls for the same person… Might be something to ask and/or test.


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My pleasure. I hope DH clarify their page.

If a user clicks a referral link, he will get a cookie on his pc, but only if he hasn’t already got a DH referral cookie. So the first referral wins, provided he stays on the same computer – if he gets his first referral cookie on his home pc and then signs up from work, the cookie of course won’t be there.

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That’s very disappointing, since it’s against the terms of the affiliates program:


It should be pretty clear what this means. The person who referred the customer (first) will get the reward. Later referrals don’t count. This has to be enforced somehow, and DH does this through HTTP cookies. Though this is a fairly smart way of tracking the referrals, there’s still room for errors and loopholes (like if the customer deletes the cookie or otherwise misses it).

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Well, I did end up getting the referral, and not the other person. Considering, it is my customer and I told them about dreamhost. The only problem was that they went wandering around the forum and picked up a cookie. I gave my client a physical address…ie, hey guys, go to…that’s where you need to host your site. They came here and picked up some one elses cookie. But, I was the referral, and eventually did get the rewards for the client, but only after having proved I was the original referrer.

I usually sit with my clients and sign them up…I have had to delete a cookie here and there (had to do it the other day.) I understand to a point. But, if I am the referrer (and I happen to do it verbally) and they picked up a cookie because they went wandering…I shouldn’t get penalized.

Hey, I even got someone’s referral cookie on my machine once… when I went to sign up a new customer, I saw someone elses name in the web id…deleted all my cookies that instant!

[quote]It should be pretty clear what this means.


Indeed it should. And it is. But what it means is not:

[quote]The person who referred the customer (first) will get the reward.


If that is when DH /intended/ to say, shame they didn’t.

That’s what I meant about DH’s solution being fairly smart, up to a point. They’ve chosen to implement their referral tracking that way, so if we want to use the referral system, we need to follow their rules. That means verbally referring to will not work, unless at the same time being specific about “please list me as the referrer when you fill out the sign up form”, or by verbally giving a home-brew link that includes the referral, like the example “” that was mentioned earlier.

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Yes, that’s true.

I am in the process of figuring out how I want to add the referral link. I have a link on one of my sites. But, it seems so obvious if I am on the phone with them and say, “hey go to my site and click on this link.”

I like the idea of the redirecting to dreamhost. Seems easier to tell a client to go to, which will takes them to dreamhost. But am wondering if I should do it via htaccess, or just a simple redirect in the index.html? Does anyone know if one is faster? I would love to learn to write an htaccess file!!! I see a new thread. : )


The easiest way would be to create a new subdomain (call it “host.” or anything you like), and set that subdomain to point to with your rewards code appended.

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Just give them this address.

You don’t have to do any work, and I get the referral, what could be better?


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: )

Okay, one more question…has anyone used the instead of the rewards.cgi?yourwebid.

Since it doesn’t make sense to give more than one person referral credit for a new customer, there obviously has to be some rule about which referrer applies if somebody happens to click on more than one different referral link during the same browser session. Arguments can be made for either the first or the last one clicked (the first because he/she is the one who actually first convinced the customer to check out Dreamhost, the last because he/she is the one who led the customer to make the final decision to buy Dreamhost’s services).

– Dan


Well, I would have to say the first person who initiated the referral. I feel this is especially important in this environment if the first referrer is setting up, designing and maintaining the said site!

If it is just that they found a link to dreamhost on your site, or happen to find dreamhost on their own, and clicked on another user’s referral link, then it’s at the hands of who the last referrer is.

That is why I find it very important to sit with my clients in their office, or in mine, and help them purchase the site. Then I can see if there is another webid when I click purchase…I then reset it up with my web id. This has only happened twice.

So, that is my way of dealing with the rewards. If dreamhost would allow me to use my credit card on the purchase of more than one package…and give me the referral, that would be great. But, that’s not how their referral works. Which I understand… That is the way reselling hosting works. The problem only arises when I have a client who doesn’t have a credit card…and requests that i purchase it for them : (