Rewards payments

I’m actually quite disappointed that I couldn’t find my answer to this already. Basically our rewards are supposed to go out today, but they’re not showing up in PayPal. At first I was just trying to find out how long it should take before it shows up in my PayPal account, but then my husband suggested maybe it’s not actually sent out yet - the site is automated but the payment needs to be approved. So we looked to see if maybe there was an email from dreamhost letting us know the payment had been sent, but there isn’t one. Which has made me wonder if we should get one or not. If it’s not already set up I would highly recommend that an email does go out so that customers know that their payment is missing.

Also, it would be very good to have a knowledge base document about how cash outs work - what day and what time payments go out, if there is an email confirmation from dreamhost or just paypal, how to know when your payment is missing and who to contact about it.

I was hoping to approve the payment today and have it maybe by next weekend, but now I’ll have to wait even longer because of the holidays.

Anyway, if you guys could tell me whether my payment should happen insync with my control panel, and whether I should receive an email from dreamhost when the payment does go through I can contact support if there are other issues.


Hi Lucy,

I apologize for this… the problem was actually that our paypal payouts this month for the first time exceeded the amount we just had on hand in our paypal account (from people paying via paypal), so we had to transfer some money in from our business checking account to cover the full mass payment.

The problem is, paypal takes 3-4 days to do this! As soon as it clears (July 5th I assume) the payment will go right out, you’ll get an email, and you can then withdraw it immediately.

In the future we’ll be sure to add excess funds before hand if it looks like it’s going to be necessary so there’s no delay like this!

My apologies again,


Well what about an email from dreamhost saying the payment was sent? We got an email from PayPal saying the payment was received, but nothing from Dreamhost. Does this mean that the cashouts are processed when it shows in my panel that I have no rewards to cash out? Or is that automated to happen at midnight and then the cashouts happen sometime later?