Rewards: No notice when smbdy uses your Promocode?

Hi there

When i was clicking through my DreamHost Panel today i noticed accidently by clicking on that somebody used my Promo Code some days ago.
I was quite surprised. In a positive way.

But i wondered, that i didnt receive an E-mail from DreamHost where they told me that somebody used my Promo Code. Because on nearly every other Activity (New User, New E-Mail, New Domain) i did receive an automatically generated E-Mail…

I really think DreamHost should send an E-Mail for every Reward :slight_smile:

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I disagree. Consider that some people (and I am not one of them. before you ask) get dozens of these every day. That’s a lot of emails. I’d like to see an Atom or RSS feed instead.

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DH will automatically credit the rewards to your bill account. You can cash out the excess to your paypal account. If you are getting referrals, I prefer you update the setting in DH panel --> Home --> Rewards

They do not send you emails, but you can see all your referrals here

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There is actually an active suggestion for this exact thing in the suggestions section of the panel;

[color=#0000CC]“Notify my via email whenever I get a new referral signed up.”[/color]

It might be worth adding a positive vote. Although, the suggestion date is 2004-07-12 and obviously it hasn’t (yet) obtained enough user votes for DreamHost to implement it.


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okay. thanks for your answers.
i voted for the suggestion in the panel now.

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