Rewards Account & Referring URLs


Since the time I joined DreamHost, I wanted to become a big affiliate of DreamHost. And after 3 years, I became a big one. Well, not that big but I was making good amount of money from DreamHost rewards program. I am the first one in organic ranking for ‘dreamhost coupon’ keyword.

Few days back, DreamHost suddenly suspended my rewards account for the violation of their rewards terms . The reason given is that I am buying search advertising on ‘DreamHost’ related keyword.

I am certainly not buying any search advertising on ‘DreamHost’ related keywords. At first, I didn’t understand why DreamHost Abuse Team thought that I am buying search advertising.

Well, I tried to find the reason and I found the reason. There are many referring URLs in my affiliate report, directly from which makes any body thinks that the traffic comes directly from instead of my web site which is possible only in paid advertising using direct linking. So it’s obvious that the abuse team thinks that I am using search advertising using direct linking.

The truth is that there is some problem in tracking referring URLs and that’s why affiliate report shows as referring URLs even though visitors come from my site. I have made short video which shows the same bug. You can watch it .

I have already send this detail to abuse team 3 days back. I haven’t got the any response yet. I know this is customer-to-customer forum but I am just taking my chance. I just hope that somebody from DreamHost support at least view my video.



The support ticket which you opened in our system currently shows as “withdrawn by customer”. Please send another ticket to us regarding this issue!


Thanks for reply. Support ticket sent again.


I was just going through the support history. I was looking at only human messages and guess what? My rewards account suspension message didn’t show up in human messages. Does that mean the message was from some of the DreamHost robot?

Also the message came at 2:53 AM. I don’t think any abuse team member is available at that time to suspend account manually. Has DreamHost really setup account suspension on automation?


This seems to be the case… I recently had a similar issue but it only applied to the invitation codes. Someone who used one then referred someone else who did something shady, and I got automatically banned from the invitations because of that chargeback on a $5 secondary referral.

It sucked, but on the other hand they were quick to review things and restore the invitations when I brought up a ticket.

Oh, I’ve also seen the referring URL bug before but hadn’t figured out exactly what caused it. A lot of times nothing at all shows up in the referral report, and I’ve also seen some weird URLs I don’t recognize as well as the occasional Google SERP.

Hope you get it sorted out!


I still haven’t received any response from support staff yet. Since the weekend has started, I think I will receive the response on Monday only.


It seems like DreamHost has fixed the referring URLs problem. So the steps shown in the video are no longer repeatable.

I am really happy that DreamHost has fixed the problem but I have yet to get the response from DreamHost team regarding my rewards account disablement.


Its really Interesting!! Have used their Chat support in this concern??


Yes, I tried using Chat support but they are not authorized to say anything on disabled account. The only people who can answer is an abuse team. So Chat support people told me to wait for an answer from abuse team. That’s what I am doing.


That’s really bad! Its about 10 days, since your 1st post, where are they??


Weird, I saw some Google URLs in the referral report today, and when I tried to copy the steps from the video I was able to recreate it again.