Reward Click Thrus

Hello Friends,

I was perusing my Dreamhost account page and happened on the section about promo codes. I am a little confused about HOW I offer a promo code. Do I just talk about it on my website anywhere I want or can I embed it into the Dreamhost Icon I already have there. I was thinking that anybody who clicked on my Dreamhost icon and then signed up would automatically be credited as referred by me. Is this not the case anymore or was it ever so?

Also, can somebody explain what “Reward Click Thrus” are. I found a chart showing how many click thrus I have received but what the heck are they? Is it everytime someone, on my site, clicked on the Dreamhost icon?


Basically, you can let people know however you want… as long as it’s not spam.

Referral links still work. The promo codes are just there if you want to pass some of your referral fee onto the person signing up.

Yeah, those are just clicks, whether they signed up or not.

I’d just add that even if you offer a promo code, you should probably still use your referral link. That way, if they forget to enter the code, you still get your referral fee.

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