Revisiting, hoping, waiting

I originally had a question about changing the filesize limits, and I think I may have found a reason why it won’t work…

if someone would answer this true/false question for me, I’d be able to ask the next question properly…

basically, I’m trying to make the filesize upload limit be something like 4 gigs, so that people can upload huge videos if they wish.

my problem is that the server always times out, even after trying many different things (you can see another bunch of questions I originally had here: )…

so, my true/false question is:

to use a custom php.ini here at dreamhost, you must run php as cgi.

if this is true, then I presently cannot do what I need to do on this server, and I believe I found the problem that’s been buggering me all along.

I have some more inquiries, but I’ll wait to hear from several people before I continue.

thanks a bunch,

You won’t get that to work on shared webhosting. You might on DHs Private Servers (never tried), and otherwise on your own (virtual) server.

Actually the HTTP-upload is not really geared for files that size.