Review Script?

Random script question for the day: I’m hunting for a decent review script to replace an aging system I hacked together from an ancient version of UBB. All I want is something that’ll let people post a simple review with a star rating, give an average of the ratings, and let me easily delete junk reviews. Registration for users would be nice, but isn’t necessary.

Unfortunately, I’ve found nothing that does quite what I want.

Five Star Review Script (, based on Amazon’s system, seems to be the closest, but it’s system for deleting reviews is terrible (one big popup listing ALL the reviews), no registration, and it’s relatively expensive ($50):

Others I’ve found:

PHPReview (, which is nice and free, but it doesn’t handle star ratings, so I’d have to hack that in myself.

Star Rating System PRO ( is $14, but there’s no admin demo, so I’m a bit wary. Also no user registration.

5 Star Review (, is only $8, but it doesn’t average star ratings from the reviews, so I’d have to add that manually, it has no registration, and it uses a flat-file database.

Is anybody using one of the above programs, or have you tried one? Am I missing some worthwhile option here, or is my best bet going to be to settle for close enough?

Thanks for the suggestion, but even though I know Nuke and other CMSs have plenty of comment and review features built in, I’ve yet to find one that does what I want it to for the rest of my site, so I’m hunting for a simple standalone review script that will work with the static HTML I’m building.

Maybe just using Nuke for user-interactive features is an option, though. Guess I’ll look into it.