Reverse DNS

Good day.

Happy DreamHost user since 2008.

Accepted DH’s recent invitation to try out DreamCompute and set up an Ubuntu instance.

So far so good.

If I become a paying subscriber, will I be able to have RDNS RR set to whatever my A RR would be?

Thank you.


Right now we don’t have any way for customers to set up reverse DNS records. The primary reason for this is security. If someone had a reverse DNS entry for an IP and then deallocated from their DreamCompute tenant, that IP could later be assigned to another tenant.

We are following the OpenStack Designate project for automated DNS management that would help resolve this for DreamCompute. It’s not quite ready for our needs yet but we’re keeping an eye on it.

Awesome! I’m glad someone asked the very same question I had :slight_smile:

All right, I accept that answer for now. For a beta trial, DreamCompute seems to be particularly stable and robust. I’m just learning its (few) limitations :slight_smile: