Retweet button



Hi all… I recently set up a new blog which is and it already has a facebook share button. I also have a retweet button but right now I dont like where its located. I’m planning to have a compact version of retweet just beside the facebook button after each post.

So far the instructions I found on adding the necessary code are easy to follow from here: but I dont know which file in my ftp I should edit so it shows up on every post.

By the way I’m using the TweetMeme button. I dont use Twitter Retweet because I’m confused with this guide -->

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Edit: well, the real problem I guess is every code I see is written in <?php> and not html. I’m more familiar with html even if its just basic. Are there any html files that I can find anywhere in the settings that I missed?