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I let my website expire this summer and I’d like to renew hosting (along with my domain name) with Dreamhost now that I can afford it, and I’m wondering if any of my website data would have been stored in Dreamhost servers? I thought I’d backed it all up, but 3 computers later and that ambiguously named .tar.gz file is gooooooooone. I’m praying that since it’s been less than a year, maaaaaaaybe it’s still there hidden away in the depths of Hades, just waiting to be plucked back from obscurity and renewed to full glory in the public eye.

If it IS gone (and I have the sneaking suspicious that it is, alas, lost forever), I’d be better off just opening a new account elsewhere altogether to get a better deal. But I’m willing to pay more to renew and not have to do TOO much damage control to have my website back up.

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Also, sorry if this is the wrong area, it’s sort of an ambidextrous multitasker of a topic.


Hard to say for sure — we generally do not retain data long after an account has been suspended or closed, but I’m not sure if that applies to closed accounts and I’m not sure how long ago you closed yours, so I don’t know what we might still have banging around. Write in to DreamHost Support with details and we’ll go look.

If you still remember how to get into your account, write in through the Panel (Support > Contact Support); otherwise, use the contact form at


[quote=“becksalottery, post:1, topic:56934”]
I’d be better off just opening a new account elsewhere altogether to get a better deal.[/quote]

Please let us know how you quantify this.

I’ve been quite curious myself as DH was the first host I’d ever used and when renewal time was drawing close, I started to compare. In the end, I renewed for even longer than my initial plan because, when you look at the nitty gritty, especially when it comes to the resource limits and potential penalties imposed for exceeding them, even momentarily, DH still seemed to me to be among the best deals around.


I have had many different hosts (I think 7) in about 15 years. Then I finally come across DH and I have now been with them for almost 6 years. In my experience they are very stable, hardly any offline time and excellent support, which is very rare with other hosts. Also all the great one clicks and panel DH offers are much better then elsewhere.

You might find a cheaper hosts (can’t be that much cheaper since DH is already very very very cheap), but in time you will regret it.

Do as you feel is best and welcome back to DH now soon or after a few months when you are fed up with your others host(s)