Has anyone installed Retrospectiva? I have installed the Subversion bindings for Ruby as described on the wiki for Collaboa but for some reason Retrospectiva doesn’t recognize the bindings. On the Retrospectiva website it sounds like if they bindings are found you will have the “Browse Source” link. Since they don’t provide instructions for shard hosting they aren’t much help on their site.

I’ve also been unable to get Retrospectiva to recognize the subversion bindings. I cannot get the subversion integration to work when running with cgi or fastcgi.

Because the ruby subversion bindings are not installed by default I compiled and installed ruby, rubygems, and svn with the bindings in my home directory.

If I run script/server from my shell account WebBrick picks up the bindings and I can browse the source through http://myhostname:3000.

If can run irb or “script/console production” and call “require ‘svn/core’” without issue. So the ruby in my environment is finding the bindings.

I can run dispatch.fcgi from the command line without issue.

However, when dispatch.fcgi or dispatch.cgi is called by the web server “require ‘svn/core’” raises a MissingSourceFile exception.

My guess is that when dispatch.fcgi is called by the webserver it is executing with the default installs of ruby and svn. How can I get it to use my binaries (that have the ruby svn bindings)? I imagine that there is a similar issue with getting a trac install to recognize the python subversion bindings.

Any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated.