Retrieving mysql database

is it possible to get back a deleted mysql. I’m sure it’s possible, anyone heard about it? help help!!

Yes, Dreamhost makes regular backups ofmysql databases, just doesn’t have a system for you to access them. Contact support, be as specific as you can about the time-line, and they should be able to do the restore for you.


they said no…


unfortunately, deleted databases are not recoverable. This is why we
have a confirmation page warning you about it. Sorry about that. If you
need anything else, please let us know.


bummer dude. Sorry, they keep backups for shared hosting… For furture use I have outlined a method to use cron to make regular backups of your mysql and site data, as well as having it automatically download to your windows PC. Check out the Article in the Wiki.

You might want to set it to run more than once a week if it’s your only means of a backup for the dedicated box.

Hope this helps.


BRAVO!! Thanks a lot for making that wiki, matttail. I never had enough content to really need backups, but after configuring phpBB and joomla!, I don’t want to lose that data.

A lot of people love to ask for help when they don’t have the answer, but far fewer will take time to publish answers they already know.

I genuinely appreciate it, and think you’ve inspired me enough to do the same.

Glad you find it helpful. My only sigguestions would be that if you have a dedicated server, you have enough data to be worth keeping backups of everything.