Retrieving mail from POP3 (how to, fetchmail)


I have an email address of my Internet Provider that I want to integrate with my Dreamhost email (so it would be a lot easier to check them in one place). My provider doesn’t have the easy forwarding option, or IMAP, or whatever… Only POP3. And I can’t just stop using the address, because I still need it, so fetching it would solve my problem I guess.

I read this article:
(which explains the configuration of fetchmail pretty easy)
And also this one on the wiki:
(which almost looks like Chinese to me)

Is there anyone who can give some more advice on using fetchmail, configuring it, and most of all, automating it? I want my mail to be fetched automatically every so many minutes or something, as I understand I use “adding it to con” as mentioned on the wiki, but that is all I know… How would I do that exactly?

Thx, Geert.

I don’t even think DreamHost has fetchmail installed. I don’t know why there’s an article on this in the wiki, unless you build your own fetchmail. I’m not even sure how well fetchmail will work in the DreamHost environment with mailbox formats, and the mXXXXXX mail users.

That said (or not), this sounds like extra hoops you want to jump through instead of just adding that POP account to your mail client. Why don’t you want to continue directly pulling your mail from your ISP?


Okay, didn’t know that, thx. I thought because it was mentioned in the wiki… So it is a bit strange to find that article there…
Anyway, why I want to do this? Because it would make my life a lot easier. Is that enough for you? Well…, I am not always using my computer to read my mails, so it would be nice to have them in one place.