Retrieving email after switching hosts

I’m moving one of my domains away from Dreamhost and to another provider. Previously, I had all of my e-mail stored and accessed via IMAP. My DNS was handled by Dreamhost so my mail settings looked like
Password: mypassword

I moved my files to a new host and went into Dreamhost’s domain management and replaced the DH nameservers with my new ones - DH is still handling the registration.

Now, I setup the same email address at the new host. Whoops - once the DNS changes propogated I can’t retrieve my email via IMAP anymore, I point to the new machine.

How can I POP into my DH account and get my old email? I figured out how to access it via the IP address of the webmail box but that only works in a browser, I want it local to my machine.


You’ll need the IP address of the mail cluster you’re on. Go to the panel and click Account Status. You’ll get your mail server name. Then you can go to a command line and type ‘host’ and get that IP address to use in your mail client. You’ll still use your old username and password.