Retrieving a domain

Up until last week I was a long time member of DreamHost (September 2002). My account was disabled for an issue I wont bother bringing up here. How DreamHost can thank me for two years of patronage with a gift certificate one month, then cancle my account with no warning the next, is not the topic of this thread.

I am simply curious to know if I will be able to retrieve the two domains I registered through this company, one of which I only purchased about three months ago.

Before I find a new company to build a relationship with, I’d like to know if there is any way to get my domains back.

You certainly seem to be bringing up the issue of how you were allegedly mistreated by Dreamhost, though with insufficient information for anybody else to come to any conclusions about it.

As for your domains, I presume that since you own them you should have no problem transferring them to another registrar.

– Dan

You should contact DreamHost directly. A public forum is no place for something like this.

actually, i think a public forum is a good place for this.

i, for one, would like to know what s/he did to get cancelled, so that i don’t do the same.

if one day i do get cancelled for some unforseen reason, i would like to know the answer to this question as well.

furthermore, if s/he has a valid reason to feel the cancellation was unjustified, potential customers have a right to know. not discussing relevant problems would be like blocking all bad reviews on amazon.

It seems that if it were unjustified, the person would have ranted about why dreamhost removed their site and why it was so unjust…being evasive makes me think that it was justified.

I honestly don’t think it is any of the other dreamhost user’s business what happened.

If you are selling illegally, spamming through emails, stealing other site’s, etc…then maybe you should worry about dreamhost removing you. But, if you are doing nothing wrong…forgot about it and just move on!

but you’re assuming, which is what i don’t want to do.

perhaps he was hosting his legally-owned mp3’s on his website, and somehow (poor security) others were able to get to them without his knowledge. this would probably constitute some copyright infringement. if a big record company complained to dreamhost, of course they would be justified in taking down the site, but it was more due to negligence rather than malicious behavior.

i’m not saying this is what happened, but i’m giving a plausible example of how ineptitude could result in cancellation of service, and ineptitude is my speciality. ;p

so again, i would like to know what caused a 2-year customer to be cancelled.

Probably two years of selling illegally, spamming through emails, stealing other site’s, or hosting illegal material, etc.

Unless he cares to give more details, we don’t know, do we?

– Dan