Restrict access FTP folder

For each client I created an FTP account. But when I connect to FTP I can see all the server directory structure. It’s not so good.

For exemplo:
-> bin
-> dev
-> etc
-> home
—> client 1
—> client 2
—> client 3

I think that is a problem because any user can see other cliente folder. It can not to access, but can see.

Is there something config that permit the client just to see “/home/client_name”?

That’s normal, so no, there’s no way to change that.

What is it about seeing the other usernames that you don’t like?

If you don’t like the names semi-publicly visible, you could create FTP users not with usernames, but user numbers. Instead of /home/billsmith, you’d end up with /home/15321. You’ll just have to keep track of which is which.