Restoring Website? HELP!

I used the “restore” option in the webpanel to restore my site to the way it was two weeks ago. I received an email from DH saying that the files were now in “nameofwebsite.com_1234567 directory” and that I could now “restore them to your live web directory”.

Okay, so how do I find the “nameofwebsite.com_1234567” directory to restore them to my live directory?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve not tried this, but I think it goes like this:

FTP to your user’s home directory. In it, you’ve had all this time. Now there’s a nameofwebsite.com_1234567 also.

  1. Rename to nameofwebsite.old
  2. Rename nameofwebsite.com_1234567 to



Thanks for trying … however when I open WS_FTP there are only the files I put there (after they all disappeared yesterday). The backup file name sent to me by DH is not there.

I spent a few hours yesterday FTPing all of my files back into the correct directories for all of my websites.

But alas, I was missing a few images in my own hard drive’s backup (silly girl that I am) and sought assistance from DH for them. “Peter C” of DH went looking for them and he too, could not find them … even with the assistance of a supervisor.

He recommended an archive site and gratefully, I was able to recover all but two images. I have since edited the HTML of the pages to alleviate those two images and hence removed the broken icons.

I now have everything on all my websites backed-up in the event that DH ever loses my stuff again. Whew!

Again … thank you for trying!

I believe that their automated Restore function pulls files from the .snapshot directory. Like most backups, they might miss a file that was added, then deleted between backup cycles. But here’s the info on snapshots: