Restoring tiny_mce to wordpress after site was hacked

Hello, my site was impacted when DH was hacked. It turned out that the file under was modified. I removed tinymce and everything under it. I realized, now in retrospect, that I should have just removed the .htaccess file.

The visual and html editor in my Wordpress installation is missing. I downloaded a new copy of TinyMCE 3.4.7 from and copied the only the tiny_mce (under jscripts) to the wp-includes/js directiory. But, this did not work. I do not know enough to troubleshoot this issue. Can someone direct me what I need to do?

I will appreciate any advice.
I just noted that I don’t have the “wpdialogs” plugin in the new copy of tiny_mce that I uploaded. I’m guessing that is why I am not seeing the visual editor in my WP. I’m looking where can I get a copy of this. My initial Google search isn’t turning up answers.