Restoring mysql dump?

I have a db that is over 100mb so I gzipped it and its around 4mb. I tried to browse to it from phpmyadmin to restore it, but after a little while I got an error saying it was using too much memory. Can someone please tell me how I can restore such a large database?

Thanks, Matt

phpmyadmin has an upper limit of 7mb. You’ll have to do it through shell. Check out This article fom the wiki for help.


Thanks! I ran into a problem at though since I have never used command prompts. I was able to figure out the first 3 steps without using a command prompt, but now I’m stuck at #4. Can someone please tell me how to browse to the putty folder with a command prompt?

Thanks, Matt

Step #4 is not necessary. That site is merely a guide for you to learn how to set up putty. Skip to Step #6. For Step #7, use your DH information. So you are going to go to Run==> and type in plink (SSH is not enabled by default on DH, you will have to turn it on from your control panel if you haven’t done it. It takes a couple of hours to be active…). Type in the username and password. When you are typing your password, the cursor WILL NOT move. It will just be blank but you are actually typing. Just type your password and click enter.

If you have never used SSH before and you don’t know the commands, this site might be helpful.

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