Restoring My Website

Can anyone guide me through the above process? I am completely new to this.

To cut a long story short, I lost some important data from my site and Dreamhost says that I can recover the data by restoring it via a backed up copy from a few days ago. Here is the message from Dreamhost:-

As discussed in LiveChat, I’ve restored a backup of your website files
from two days ago. Those files aren’t live. Instead, they can be found
via FTP in the folder backup_restore/marwel29/ . Just swap them out for
the current files to make them live, via FTP.

Can anyone help? Never done this before!


There should be an option to back up and restore within the Panel.

there used to be a restore option… but it didn’t work =]

There still is, and it does work — but only to restore files. If you’re using a web application that stores information in a database, though, those are tracked separately. (You can still restore them from backups, just separately.)