Restoring backup.tar.gz


I’m trying to move a site from another host. I backed it up and got a backup.tar.gz file.

Can anyone tell me how do I go about extracting it on the dreamhost server? I tried searching and there was some talk about using a shell to unzip it…but I’m not too sure on how I’d go about doing that.

Step by step if you can since my server side experience is just using FTP.


This is pretty simple if you are familiar with the command line under
an unix/linux system - which I assume you are not from your query. I
wouldn’t recommend cutting your cli teeth on a DH server.

Best suggestion I am able to offer is to find someone familiar with
unix/linux and get him/her to uncompress the file and then upload
using ftp.



you may want to expand your search method. there are literally thousands of tutorials on how to extract tar.gz files on the internet, for all levels of ability: