Restoring A Database

Hey guys, trying to restore a mysql database for my IPB forum. I’ve got the .sql file which I got from phpmyadmin from my old host, and now I’ve moved here, how do I upload that into my database?

I have the database made, I just need to upload all the tables and data etc, how would I do this in the control panel?

Do the reverse of what you did with your old isp: Log into phpmyadmin and click import instead of export. I’ll trust you can follow the onscreen instructions rather than me talk you all the way through it.

It’s possible that you may have to edit that .sql file so it contains proper information for your new database setup. This info is somewhere in the first 20 or so lines of your .sql file.


Note that if your DB file is larger than 7MB or so, you may not be able to restore it using phpmyadmin, due to the default upload file size limit of the PHP installation.

If this is the case, you will need to log-in using SSH to restore the DB.


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See the wiki article called ‘migrate mysql’ it will walk you through the process.

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Thanks guys, I’m just stupid and forgot that it’s accessed by :stuck_out_tongue: