Restore time frame...or getting back to my domain


I tried to do a 1 day- live restore on Thursday at 5pm, nothing has happened, tried a 1 week live restore yesterday @ 2pm, nothing…
No notification
Anyone have any idea how long this takes?
I stupidly changed inside wordpress the direction of my domain to another domain hosted by dreamhost, saved it, 404’d, hit back button, changed it back to original domain
site is there now but without any theme? and I can’t log-in
When I go to log in it brings up the changed 2nd domain htttp://…
This is why I’ve been trying to restore, any help… greatly appreciated.


I tried the same thing and never got an email saying it was done and checked SSH to ensure it was restored (it hasn’t been and I started my restore on Thursday). I submitted a ticket on it myself but haven’t received a response in over 24 hours (see also this discussion:

That said if it’s just a domain change, you should be able to change that via MySQL or phpMyAdmin (


I have fixed this issue, by going back in to the function.php using firezilla, was scared I was going to break something but it seems to be working