Restore redirected URLs


How do i restore a URL that I used to have redirected. After I remove it from being redirected, how do I restore the URL to the original website it was before the redirection?


was it redirected before? or are you trying to restore a site from backup? or is the original site still on the server?

You need to provide more information to get helpful replies.


I originally started a blog under

Then I moved my blog to, I imported the wordpress database from to that new site.

For a while, I redirected the traffic from to go to

Recently, I discontinued traffic to be redirected from, but I don’t know how to bring back the original website under that url. So I’m trying I would like to restor the site from the server. Right now, the URL just come up as a redirect error in the browser.
I hope this clarifies my question.


So is this the original blog? and it’s still supposed to be on the server?

Your browser may be caching the redirect which could be causing the problem, have you tried other computers and/or browsers and/or cleared the browswer cache?


I guess maybe I should backtrack and ask, what exactly happens to the original site after you redirect it?