Restore Host to Default


is there a way to restore my shared host to initial configuration?

I made to much changes on my environment and i would like to rollback everything. I don’t mind to lose all my databases, svn files and etcetera.

Thanks in advance

Delete the domain from Panel -> Manage Domains. It’ll take out all your email and databases and DNS entries, though you’ll have to remove the directory from your home directory.

Then wait a bit for the dust to settle before trying again. It may take a couple of hours for DNS to clear and let you add the domain again.


Well, there are several approaches you could take, but without knowing what you mean by “everything” or your “environment” I’m not sure what to recommend.

It kinda depends on what you have done, what you want to “revert” and how much of your stuff you want to avoid having to re-install/re up-load (i’m thinking particularly about svn here).

Can you share any more details?


You may also want to create a new user to switch to if you have installed anything like custom php, ruby etc on the server under your current user.

This would give a fresh start for the new username.

It would also give the option of going back to what you had before if needed just by switching back to the original username.

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He he he… that certainly ought to do it! :slight_smile:


This will easily take care of lots of stuff, but not take out the user (shell) environment. Creating a new user (or deleting, waiting a bit, and creating it again if you like the name) will reset any paths or environment variables back to the original state.

Sometimes starting over is the best solution, you get to apply everything you have learned to make things better.

I don’t know if the snapshots for the domain will be saved by doing these steps, so just be sure you really want to wipe it.


snapshots should be removed if you remove the user account.

If you just create a new user account the snapshots would remain available in the old account, if you don’t remove the old data it would keep backing it up under the old name.

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