Restore Default PHP Config After Running Script?

I goofed this one up, maybe someone here could offer some advice.

I wanted to up my max file size for uploads and used Sxi’s PHP.INI Installer. The script has helped a bunch of people and I don’t fault it, but I failed to see that it was for PHP 5.2. The script installed ok and it looked like I could adjust PHP settings. Then I tried to upload files via my WordPress sites and ran into HTTP errors.

I figured the script may have done something and figured the best way is to back out of it. Thus far I have not been able to figure out how to get my PHP settings to the default it had when the VPS was provisioned.

I could reset the VPS, but was thinking that if there was a simple way to restore the few files that seem to have been affected that may be the easier way.

I have since found the current directions to edit the values for memory_limit or max_filesize_uploads:

Any help greatly appreciated.

Greg Bilke

sXi, the script’s author, shared uninstall info with me ( - can’t believe I missed that) But I still had upload issues and PHP errors.

Coincidentally before I installed the script I had got a message from “The Humble DreamHost VPS Stability Robot” about stability issues. I added more RAM, restarted the VPS and voila everything is good again.

Glad the fix was easy as throwing some RAM at the problem and turning it off and on again.