Restore DB host when domain no longer registered or hosted?

I need to know if anyone knows how to restore the db host in mysql.

I registered the domain and hosted it with dreamhost. After the year I let the domain expire. While I was “cleaning” things up on the server, I un-hosted some old domains that I no longer had registered and I mistakenly un-hosted the domain that was the host for my wordpress blog.

I took off hosting for yet my db host was How can I restore the host? I have tried the recycling bin and the database is not there. Did I just delete all my postings? Ugg

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.[hr]
Nevermind. I found the db name in phpMyAdmin and found it under a different db host so I just changed the db name on the wp-config.php file. This fixed the problem.

SSH into your account and try to ping You will get a reply from an IP address.

Now try to connect to the database with the IP address instead of the hostname. Good luck!

Or add a new database host from the DreamHost Panel (under Goodies > MySQL). Under most circumstances, all MySQL hosts on your account will work equivalently.