Restore DB from DH Web Panel

I have attempted to restore a few tables from the DH web panel for a MySQL DB that is supposed to be auto-magically backed up every night. When I do nothing happens - I tried this about a year ago with the same result and no answers from DH support. Needless to say I am frustrated as the backups are touted as supported feature.
Any insight?



It’d be nice to hear from Support. I know it gives you some options as to which backup to restore, but I’m never really sure if they’re even there or not. Which restore method did you use? Adding the date to the old tables, new tables, or straight replacement?

I’ve only done complete restores from the panel, but I keep my own backups as well, so I try not to rely on their backups. While backups are a “feature,” they’re not guaranteed and are there only for our convenience. As a convenience, they’ve worked for me, but I never depend on them.