Restore database in phpmyadmin


I tried restoring a database which is only 1 mb. But it says the maximum upload is 7,168 KB. I heard the maximum was 10 mb?

Can anyone help me out? Please don’t tell me to use SSH, I don’t understand it. I use phpmyadmin because it’s easier.

If you are trying to restore a database from a file and the file size is too big, you will have to use SSH. Phpmysqladmin won’t work because of the upload limit. SSH is not difficult as what you thought, give it a try.

Or if you need a GUI just download the MySQL WorkBench from

Login to the DH control panel and go to the MySQL Databases, click the user for the database. Under the allowable hosts section add the IP for your machine, DH conveniently has it right there next to the box.

Then remotely connect to the database using the WorkBench.

Note: Don’t, I repeat don’t, forget to remove the IP from DH once your done.