Restoration still in progress or missed?


My newest site is now on a quickstart page with no files loaded into its folder. All other sites are fine.

According to Dreamhost’s message, there are only 89 sites left to restore. Am I to assume that mine is one of them, or that my site is now gone?

When you have finished restoring, can I get the backup from last week? It was working perfectly on Thursday, but gone on Friday. The backup would have to be from the last week … since I’m just building it.

I’ve written support and recieved no reply.

How do I proceed?[hr]
As of 1 hour ago, 56 sites still down. Mine is still one of them.


Can anyone tell me why I am getting no response to my inquiries on either the message board or through email contact on my account? Email was sent well over 24 hours ago … no response.

This post has been up for 14 hours, no response.

What is going on? This is so totally unprofessional.


This forum is customers only, like you. No staff lurks here.

I’d send another support message via the Panel.