Restarting Passenger for Django not working

I am trying to learn Django. I followed the instructions on the wiki on how to install it using Passenger, and then the tutorial in the Django website.

But since I was running the tutorial inside my website I did not start a server. Instead Passenger was doing its thing.

When I reached the second part of the tutorial, here:
I was supposed to restart the server. And here the problems started. How do I restart the Passenger server?

According to the wiki dreamhost informations (here) I should:

If you modified your application and your changes do not seem to be reflected, you may need to notify Passenger about your change by creating or modifying ~/

which is what I did:
I made the tmp folder inside /home/[username]/[mywebsiteurl]/tmp
and made inside an empty file:

This did not restart Passenger. I tried Touch-ing it:

and that also didn’t help.

Has anyone had the same problem. Or has anyone gone through this and it did work on them? If it didn’t work how have did you went around it?

Right now I am installing django on my machine to keep on studying, but eventually the problem will surface once I make the site go live. So it is really important for me to solve it.

Many thanks,

Solved. I had to pkill python.
I also checked with ps -aux if it was really pdead.