Responsive support

Fix the support system so we get meaningful responses in a reasonable amount of time. Four days waiting is too long. Ensure that follow ups are handled honestly and efficiently when support personal do not understand the first attempt. They are apparently burying their mistakes and their arrogant dismissals by refusing to respond to follow-ups and request for management intervention. The survey polls on quality of support seem to be a black hole – if anyone reviews them they do not result in followups to fix the problems caused by inappropriate responses and non-responses from technical support personnel. Please fix these problems in treatment of customers.

Please instruct your support staff that if they don’t understand something to ask someone there who does rather than blow off customers with unresponsive answers and with long delays ignoring the problem with no response at all. This should be obvious but it is not being followed. Steven D in particular has been terrible.

Not only is this exasperating and irresponsible, leaving me with no service, there is no way to file a complaint to someone there, anyone there, in a responsible position who presumably would care. Everything is funneled through the same “support” that buries the problem and the complaint.