Response time

Normally, how long will support team response the question? I’ve found that my account was disable. I open the ticket to ask them why and how I can fix it. It’s already 14 hour since I open the ticket but I still didn’t get any response from support team

If your account was disabled, you’ll want to contact the abuse team instead:

I think you can use this form to do that as well, but it’d probably be best to just email the abuse department directly.

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Responses are usually within 24 hours.

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thank mousee and scjessey

I will try to contact

Is the 24 hours for the support team or the abuse team?

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The support team. I have no idea about the abuse team, though I would imagine it’s within a week.

Chips N Cheese - Custom PHP installs and the like!

Usually abuse will get back within 24 hours. I would just be patient as they will reply.

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