Response time of support?

Hello, my site has been down for four days in a row, caused by a mistake made by the dreamhost-team in moving my account to another server.
I have been trying to reach the support for the last days, but they keep ignoring me.
I could move my site to another place, if i was able to use my ftp-users, but they are giving errors as well. I also reported this to support but I get no answer.

Can anyone please tell me what I should do?
Does anyone have an alternative way to reach the support team?
Do you know how long it takes to respond to an urgent message? It can’t be 2 or 3 days, can it?

Thank you for your response,


I have never had any problems contacting support through the panel. Not to be rude, but is that how you are submitting - through the Panel > Support > Contact support? It is also possible, though not reccomended, to E-mail sales@. That will go into the same que as support tickets, but is flaged differently.

–Matttail - personal website

yes, that is how I am submitting, through the panel.
I received one answer day before yesterday from someone named Steve, who said he had to ask someone else about my problem. That’s all. since then no-one even gives me status on the topic.

Well it depends on the situation as well :confused:

Usually an easy question will get you a fast answer but if it’s somthing confusing, it can take up to days.

even if it’s complicated, it would be nice if someone would just say: hi, sorry for the downtime. We are trying to solve it, but it is more complicated than expected. But we’re working on it.

That way, I would know someone is actually trying to do something…