We are currently looking for a new host that can support our website and forum. A the moment we are having bad problems with resources being used up to such an extent that the forum and website is extremely slow. The forum can have up to 100 users on at one time, mixture of members and guests. The main software we use is a forum called IPB. We are a football manager website that offers downloads for the game.

My question is: Will DreamHost be able to host us?


That’s a difficult question to answer. While DreamHost does not have any hard limits on resource usage, you will be warned if your site uses enough resources to adversely impact other users on your shared server.

One option would be to take advantage of the 97 day money back guarantee that DreamHost offers and try the service. Note: the guarantee only applies if you pay using credit-card or Google Checkout. Also, the refund will not include the $9.95 domain registration fee for your ‘free’ domain, if you choose to register one during the sign-up procedure.


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IPB is fast enough i think to be used on DH, even with 100 simultaneous users

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Thanks for the responses.

I think we will signup.

Now, about this promo code, I spotted “97USA” in your signature. If I use that for the level 1 (1 year pre payment), I only pay $22.4 for the first year?


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That is probably the best way to find out if DreamHost is suitable for your needs. Fortunately, it doesn’t cost much to try and with the 97 day guarantee you don’t stand to lose anything if things don’t work out, assuming you pay using a credit-card or Google Checkout.

Well, it’s not my promo-code, but I’ll answer the question. :wink:

Yes, if you use moua’s promo-code the total cost to you for 1 year of the level 1 plan will be $22.40. I should point out that promo-codes are only valid for your initial purchase, when your plan comes up for renewal, you will need to pay the full plan price if you intend to stay.

Good luck.


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Thanks for the response.

Problem is, doesn’t seem they support payment via PayPal, as that is where my money is right now. :frowning:

DreamHost does accept PayPal payments, but unfortunately not for all applications.

Recently there have been quite a few people reporting that they have only been offered the Google Checkout payment option during sign-up. This appears to be the result of the DreamHost automated fraud detection system ‘not liking’ some aspect of the application and restricting the available payment options.

For more information, I suggest searching the forum for some recent threads on the subject.


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I currently host a forum which is XMB and some times during the day we may have 100+ simultaneous users. No problems here. Good luck!

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You could contact Dreamhost and see if there’s a way around that, maybe with some sort of further verification. That’s a pretty recent change in the system, so I’m not sure if they’ll manually help you around it or not.

I think you’ll lose the 97 day money back guarantee with PayPal… but it’s not really a big deal if you’re only paying around $20 for the first year anyway.

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DH does support PayPal. For some reasons, this payment is not available for some users. If you encounter this problem, you may consider to pay using Google Checkout, Money order, or Credit Card.

Somebody has already figured a way to make payment using Credit Card. You may want to refer to this post

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[quote]I only pay $22.4 for the first year?


Wow, huh.

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