Resource Usage help

Hey everyone,

I’m posting here out of desperation. Dreamhost moved my website to an evaluation server because they claimed it was using too many resources (more than that server’s “average”) and my request for their help wasn’t answered for over two days, and when it was answered, all I got back was, “we don’t monitor individual accounts like that. Turn stuff off, see if that helps” and they ignored the bit of my question about what SHOULD my resource usage be in order to get moved off the crappy evaluation server.

My second support request to them regarding further information about acceptable numbers in order to get restored to our original server still hasn’t been replied to after two days, and I’m getting really frustrated.

For the last five days, my CPU numbers have been way down in the 0.1% range of the time it’s used. The last four days have been no more than 1.5 CPU seconds and the last three days have had 0.00 CPU second used. Something tells me this is wrong, since I do have a small forum on my site and there are a few people using it each day.

How can I get my CPU stats working again? How can I get DH to actually ANSWER my questions and not make me wait two days for a canned, copy and pasted answer to something I didn’t even ask? Help, PLEASE?!

(LOL, all I can say is, threatening to leave probably isn’t going to help here, if DH wanted my business, they’d focus on improving things, but with their stupidly ridiculous prices, they probably get 10 people signing up for every one who leaves. Who cares about KEEPING customers, we don’t pay the setup fee that new customers pay!)

This wiki entry explains how to find extreme resource usage.

If you’re only running a small forum then really they seem to have got something wrong unless your forum software is coded resource unfriendly.

As for the longish wait on a response from tickets, see the post below. I am sure DH are doing their best to make the queue a small as possible.

As for leaving DH … I havn’t found a host that is better for the price than DH and I’ve used various hosting companies for multiple sites over the past 5 years. ATM I am batteling with another hosting company to release my domains. Their support is quick, but absolutely useless.

I’d rather have to wait a few days (especially if the support queue is large) and get a decent response I am used to getting from DH.

Just hang in there. I’m sure you’ll have a response soon =)

I think I used that company. They got back to me in 10-15 minutes but didn’t know a blasted thing.

I have to say that since I signed up I’ve had no serious troubles with dreamhost - email sometimes doesn’t authenticate, the panel is sometimes slow but every time I’ve needed access to my stuff it’s been there for me.

Now I admit I don’t have 1000 visitors a day…

I can tell that you are frustrated, and that’s understandable given the delay in support response and your inability to determine what is causing your CPU usage to be considered “excessive”.

In addition to the Wiki link -ds- provided and enabling user resource reporting, I suggest you check out how to obtain “granularity” in your resource reporting, in order to help track down exactly what is happening.

Really, that is the only thing I can suggest at this point while you wait to hear back from support.