Resolving WordPress to domain root



Greetings - first time poster.

I have a (client) WordPress site that was created in a sub-directory named “cms” for development. The site is now approved and ready to take live, and I want it to resolve to the root domain.

In ALL other hosting companies I use, getting the WP installation to resolve to the root domain is very easy using the WP codex instructions:

I’ve followed the instructions exactly - just as I always do. I entered the URL without “/cms” and the site redirected to “cms” sub-directory.

Thinking it was an .htaccess rewrite issue, I deleted the .htaccess file from the domain root. The site still redirected to the “cms” sub-directory.

So I removed the index.php file from the domain root. And the site STILL redirected to the “cms” sub-directory.

Then I put in a 1-line index.html file. And the site STILL redirects to the “cms” sub-directory.

Then I even removed the index.html file - so there is absolutely nothing at the domain root for browsers to pickup - and the site STILL redirects to the “cms” sub-directory.

I logged into the client’s DH control panel and can’t find anything that would indicate something other than the server files are enforcing this redirect.

I’m completely stumped. Does anyone know what’s going on here?!?!?!?

Here is the site for reference:

I tried this post ( but it didn’t help either…


The site didn’t redirect when I looked.

Many web browsers cache redirects very aggressively — that is to say, they aren’t willing to check to see if the redirect has gone away. You may have to clear your web browser’s cache to get it to load the “real” index page.


Wow - you are RIGHT !!!

Yes I feel like a silly boy - LOL - but I have NEVER had FF or IE save cached redirects before. Every time I’ve followed the WP codex (with other hosts) my site has reconciled exactly as I expected.

Live and learn…

Also, let me put a good word in for DH support. I’m a little nervous not having phone support, but I understand the paradigm DH uses for support and I’m willing to use it as long as it “works” for me. The person who replied was very courteous and engaging and willing to help out. He even sent me his direct email so I could follow up if I continued to have problems. I wont abuse that, but that IS good customer service in my book


Read closer. The problem was already solved; the user asking the question just had to clear the cache in their browser to see the changes.