[RESOLVED] Registration mail doesn't work, mass mailing does

When a new user registers on my board, they do not receive the activation link. However I can mass e-mail users from the ACP with no problem.

Any suggestions. Here are the relevant settings:

Account activation: By User
Enable board-wide e-mails: Enabled
Users send e-mail via board: Enabled
E-mail function name: mail
Contact e-mail address: myusername@mydomain.com
Return e-mail address: myusername@mydomain.com
Use SMTP server for e-mail: No
I found it and it is really STUPID.

You MUST change the permissions for Newly Registered Users group to “Can send emails = yes” in order for the activation link to be sent. Pretty lame but that fixed it.

I can’t find where this checkbox is located. Can you point me where it is? Thanks!