<resolved> Account paid, no info received


Dear Sirs,

I paid for a 1 year subscription yesterday with google checkout via credit card. I haven’t received ANY email from you : no login info, no username. So I cannot even log into your support system to check my status.

I also bought a domain name on Godaddy.com after subscribing at Dreamhost.com, and transfered it to Godaddy.com

I sent you 2 emails already from google checkout system asking for a full refund, and to let me transfer my new domain back to Godaddy.com.

No answer from you.

My google checkout number is #222613412348706


We’re just customers here, plus it’s the weekend, so you’re not likely to get a billing issue resolved until Monday.

That said, it seems that Google Checkout takes a few days to clear. It’s been a while since I set up my account here, but I thought you had to create a WebID first before buying services. That WebID should let you log into your account to see what’s going on.



Thanks for your answer Scott,

I thought this was a customer to staff board. Sorry about that. I’ll try to use another link I found to send them a message.

Thanks again.


Cool! Nice to hear things worked out.