Resolve service temporarily unavailable issue

I’m on a shared hosting plan and recently I’ve been hit with ongoing Service Temporarily Unavailable messages that visiting my own website is impossible (I only using Wordpress and I can’t even write a post).

I believe I have it optimized to the best of my abilities - with wp-cache and eliminating luxury plugins.

But I’m still hammered with the connections as my support ticket says so they throttled the site.

My site has about ~71,000 page loads and ~19,000 unique
visitors a month. My Alexa traffic rank is 54,504 with all 3 growing slightly every day.

I have no issues with disk space/bandwidth and I am not troubling to DreamHost (using less than 8% in both).

The front page averages about 18 queries whilst a single page averages about 30 queries.

I have 6 scripts that call from outside sources (advertisements, user online, stats).

What is the typical size or whatever where I should be looking into the dedicated server option? Because that’s expensive for a blog that doesn’t generate any $$$ (I have $2.00 earned over a 1 year span).

I’m looking at these 2 sources ( + ( but any other help would be great.

I’d contact support and see if it’s a problem on their end, before doing too much–or see if they say you’re getting close to your limits somehow.

That’s odd. What is your site about and what type of ads are you using?

With that traffic, you should be able to earn much more than $2/year. Are you doing contextual ads like Adsense? Affiliate programs (CJ, Azoogle, etc…)? Both?

Even if your site is totally random, as far as topics go, I’d think Adsense would still do okay. Even one relevant affiliate program should generate some money.

Even Dreamhost promo codes, Amazon links to books on topics you cover, etc… should help out.

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I doubt the bandwidth usage is the problem but it may be the sql queries But I think that wp-cache should reduce this as it creates a static page which doesn’t use sql. From what you say I don’t imagine this should be excessive. The external scripts should’t be a problem either as this data would be hosted elsewhere.

As said above $2.00 a year ad revenue sound a bit low. I get at most around 100 visits a day to a blog and it has generated over $10 in a few months. With context ads such as adsense I have found the add meta tags plugin helps to give more relevent ads by allowing you to add metadata to individual posts, All I do is add keywords as a custom field and add keywords relevent to the post.

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My site is a entertainment/blog so it would have content that would violate google or commission junctions tos. I’m looking into other advertisers though as yes I do agree w/both of you that $2 is low.

Yes, Dreamhost support relaxed my throttle a bit but the problem was too many connections and still is.

From what your responses were, it was targeted at making money from ads… but I can barely sign on before getting a ‘service temporarily unavailable’ page.

So it’s like, I can’t really blog anything because I get timed out all the time.

you can use clicksor for ads :slight_smile: