Resized instance from gp1.supersonic to gp1.hyperspeed, now extremely slow

So we’re migrating a forum; progress grinded to a halt just before 50% so we figured we should upgrade the instance to the best DreamHost can offer while we do the migration.

So we upped the compute instance from gp1.supersonic to gp1.hyperspeed.

After logging into ssh, it is now extremely slow. Just typing something takes 10 seconds to appear.

Running on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

The OS finds the new memory, and all the cpu’s are running at 2000mhz.

Looking at the console from the site, all the CPU’s appear to show as stuck.

Is it the actual hardware allocated that’s borked?

So I updated Ubuntu, it took about 30 minutes.

The speed appeared to get better about 3/4 into the update process, after a reboot we now get this from the console when starting up

Any help appreciated

The problem seems to have fixed itself now, everything seems good :slight_smile:

Scratch that, back to CPU issues :frowning:

Is it the dreamhost hardware that’s an issue here?

It just randomly went back to extremely poor performance.

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